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HTML5TX Conference Resources

In September, Justin and I attended the HTML5TX conference, hosted at St. Ed’s in South Austin. It was a great one-day conference, and I’m looking forward to its return next fall. As the name would suggest, the conference focused on HTML5 and also other emerging technologies including CSS3, JavaScript feature testing, and Responsive web development. As another bonus, it featured a number of local speakers. 

I wanted to share some of the resources from the conference with group. I hope you’ll find them helpful and interesting, and they will spark creativity and dialogue in the group!


LESS  by Todd Anglin

HTML5 Geolocation by Christopher Schmitt

JS Feature Testing by Alex Sexton

HTML5 Dom Elements by Mike Taylor

CSS3 Selectors by Jake Smith

Doing More with CSS3 by Garann Means

HTML5 JS on Crack by Kyle Simpson

The Responsive Web by Matthew Carver